Green Armenia

flyerYou are invited to attend a networking and happy hour event organized by
AESA’s Green Armenia Committee on
August 7th from 6:30 pm to 10 pm
at Brand Studios located at the Brand Park in Glendale

You will meet others who are interested in environmental issues in
Armenia and discuss possible actions and solutions.

*** The event is for 21 years and over ***

Repairing and preserving the homeland’s environment must become the upmost concern for Armenians worldwide. The deterioration of natural resources currently results in land and air pollution, thereby resulting in illnesses and water contamination. Frankly, without a healthy home, all other cultural undertakings will fall through – poetry, art, and even the restitution of historic Armenia. The issue is that only a small fraction of Armenians are aware of the severity of this environmental challenge.

This is where Green Armenia comes in. The Green Armenia Environmental Group, established by concerned Armenians from Southern California, will lead the following responsibilities:

  • Preserving the natural environment of Armenia and Artsakh, and working toward its rehabilitation
  • Attaining sustainable use of natural resources
  • Eliminating and preventing any activities that could adversely impact the environment

Think of Green Armenia as the “eco-Armenia Fund.” Let’s work together to make Armenia greener. Join our cause.