Preserving the natural environment of Armenia, working toward its rehabilitation, attaining sustainable use of natural resources, and striving to eliminate or prevent any activities that could adversely impact the environment are the immediate objectives of Green Armenia Environmental Group.

We believe it is of paramount importance for Armenians worldwide to preserve the natural beauty of Armenia and Artsakh. To this end, concerned Armenians in Southern California have established Green Armenia to develop strategies for: a) conservation of landscape, plants, and animals, b) improvement of environmental conditions, and c) proper utilization of natural resources.

The intent of Green Armenia is to expand its geographic base and cooperate with other environmental groups. Green Armenia is not another organization carrying out environmental work. Rather, it will function as a funding source for worthy environmental projects in Armenia and informing the public about environmental issues there. Green Armenia will be a resource center, think tank, and will serve as a financial and media resource for on-site environmental projects and activities in Armenia.

The mission of Green Armenia is to provide practical and sound solutions to environmental problems and ensure positive outcomes to challenging environmental issues, with the underlying imperative of preserving natural resources. Green Armenia is comprised of individuals concerned with Armenia’s environmental protection. Green Armenia will fund the development of multilayered strategies.

Furthermore, Green Armenia will craft and propagate a plan that will be directed towards the provision a healthy environment and sustainable economic development of natural resources in Armenia. The pan-Armenian issues of our times is the deterioration of the environment of Armenia. If the health of people continue to deteriorate, because of land and air pollution as well as water contamination, all other endeavors will be useless –poetry, art, and even the restitution of historic Armenia. That is why environmental issues should be at the forefront of the national agenda of Armenia.

Green Armenia should become the next pan-Armenian fund, similar to Armenia Fund but focused on the environment, where every Armenian family feels obliged to contribute. Green Armenia will strive towards large scale public involvement. The public pays attention to any issue only when it is informed and asked for support. No organization/individual has made such a systematic and urgent plea for participation and/or financial support.

It will be governed by an advisory body of professionals and by a Board of Governors.

Funds will be made available for:

  • Creating community outreach programs.
  • Developing sustainable economic plans for the areas that are impacted by irresponsible mining or other environmentally destructive activities.
  • Supporting various organizational and individual endeavors already ongoing in Teghut, Kajaran, or any other locations, as well as programs aimed at sustainable development.
  • Producing public service announcements to continuously educate and shape public opinion on environmental issues.
  • Organizing academic and public forums, webinars, and tele-seminars to encourage dissemination of information, open dialogue, and development of meaningful strategies.
  • Establishing a resource center of qualified specialists who choose to allocate their time and talent to address environmental issues in Armenia. It is essential to note that both in Armenia and the Diaspora, only a small fraction of people are informed enough to comprehend extent of the environmental challenges confronting our nation. As awareness and knowledge spread, more professionals may come forward to volunteer.
  • Attracting student bodies and youth organizations through youth membership in Green Armenia to facilitate volunteerism in various programs.